Want to bring an extra spark to your relationship or even just show off your new found skill? Welcome to your very own private massage class. But wait, it gets better! Your teacher is half naked!


Meet Lucas

Lucas Glover Bow Tie Boys
Lucas Glover Bowtie Boys

With years of expereince under his belt, Lucas our resident Bow Tie Boys and qualified masseur will show you the ins and outs of the male body through his carefully guided 1 hour class. Maybe a class isn’t for you? We also offer individual massages for you and your guests!

Massage Class

Arriving at your location will be Lucas along with a second Bow Tie Boy of your choosing. Over the next hour you and your guests will be invited to perform different massage techniques on your Bow Tie Boy under the guidance and direction of Lucas.

1 Hour Massage Class
1 Hour Waiter Service (2 Waiters)

**If more than 15 guests, a 3rd Bow Tie Boy must be booked to allow for crowd participation

Massage Package from BowTie Boys
Massage Package Bow Tie Boys

Individual Massages

Want to treat your guests? This is the perfect package for you! On arrival you will be greeted by Lucas our qualified masseur. He will set up his massage bed in a location that suits you, either in an open area or private room depending on your preference. One by one your guests will be treated to a therapitic massage.

1 Hour Minimum on bookings, Max 6 massages per hour
Eg. 6 guests 1 Hour (10mins pp approx.)

6 Guests 2 hours (20mins pp approx.)


Most frequent questions and answers

1-15 Guests must book Lucas + 1 Bow Tie Boy
16-30 Guests must book Lucas + 2 Bow Tie Boys
30+ Contact us directly on 0422 690 201 or via Messenger

This package can only be booked in 1 hour increments ie. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours

Nope! You can have a solo massage for an hour with Lucas.

Of course! Location of the massages are up to the hosts discretion.

The massages Lucas will do involve oil. While this is all natural we recommend having a shower close to wash off any excess.

Massage Class


For more information on packages, contact us on 0422 690 201 or via Facebook Messenger

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